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Suddenly, I can smell baked tarmac and sap. The haze of summer fills my lungs. My feet are sticky with grass stains and heat is everywhere, hard on brick and skin and clotting the air. I hear laughter, quick and light. Beneath the scent of roses something sweet and rotten lies thick on my tongue.

The dream steals my senses first. I smell it, taste it. I hear layers of sound. I feel my body stretch and tighten as it is sucked into a different time and place.  There is no escape.

By SJG. From Lost Summer


I’m busy editing.

Copyright © 2019, all rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “An Extract

  1. robertcday says:

    More and encore! (please)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SJG says:

    Hi Robert, thank you for dropping by. I really appreciate the comment – and the encouragement! Editing is such a painful business but we draw a grim satisfaction from it.


  3. robertcday says:

    I guess you lost interest in bloggin’, right? 🙂 Yeah, me too. I haven’t posted anything in ages. I mean, sure, there’s lot’s going on in my life, both good and bad, but I’ve lost the desire to share it somehow.


  4. SJG says:

    Not at all, but the blog here is still new to me and I don’t think I have quite grasped what I want it to be yet. I maintain a second blog too, which is of a more personal nature, and I update that frequently. I think it’s because I know its purpose and what I want out of it.

    It is hard to keep going. Please don’t lose heart. It would be lovely to see something new. Find something you can share and see where it takes you.


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